For financial reasons it is can be tempting to fit a new bathroom by yourself, but few of us really understand the complexity and difficulty of such a job. When dealing with pipework and water mains, it's generally better to leave the work to a professional. if you bodge a DIY installation or repair, even the smallest leak or burst pipe can take days to repair and may event end up costing more than hiring a professional plumber in the first place! There are other ways to reduce costs while still using a professional to ensure the job is done right, for example you can do some of the basic removal work and supply most of the new materials yourself. The average cost of fitting a bathroom across the UK ranges from £200 to £2000, but bathrooms are generally the one room in the house where it is worth going the extra mile to ensure that the job is done just right. Bathrooms can be completely transformed with a new design style and new bathroom suite, improving the feel of the room. However, the prospect of completely redesigning bathrooms can be overwhelming for many of us, which is why seeking expert design and styling advice is so popular prior to starting any bathroom renovation projects.


Mr & Mrs Smith

Paul did a great job for us, it took us longer to decide which bathroom to have then Paul doing the job. It was a lot cheaper than we thought to have a new bathroom.